Youth Action Diversity Trust

Engaging young people in positive activities

Why We Choose This Work...

You may already know a little about the work we do but just incase here is a little overview!

We are currently celebrating our 10 years of youth and family engagement across the Bexley Borough. Throughout this time we have been committed to improving the lives and well-being of children and their families. This is why we are delighted to be bringing new services for children, young people and adults to our Centres in 2017. We will continue to provide activities and engagement for young people and their families as well as improving adult support to reduce isolation and improve well-being. The wide range of services aims to meet the needs of children and their families in an innovative and engaging style and we are proud to be at the heart of the local community.    

Working with children aged 5 to 7 years, we aim to support them to learn new skills, have fun and to learn to socialise and develop their own characters. Our range of activities are designed to ensure maximum opportunity for parents to engage with their children throughout our activities.

Working with 8 to 11 years YADT look to develop the personal skills required for life. We focus on developing communication skills, team building skills and well-being which we see as essential needs for young people. We also focus on play and fun to encourage young people through sports and drama. We run a dedicated Girls Social Club where the girls can enjoy cooking, design, play games and socialise while getting advice from the female team. We believe it is very important that young people have a positive experience whilst staying safe and healthy.

From 2017 Parents will be able to benefit from our new 'Time Out for Parents' Courses: The Primary Years, The Teenage Years, Children with Special Needs,  Children with Special Needs - ADHD and  Children with Special Needs - ASD and Handling Anger in the Family. These will be run throughout the year.

From 2017 young people will be able to engage in a range of workshops and accredited courses covering Life Skills, Sport Leaders and Team Building as well as confidence, self-esteem, communication and positive Thinking and Planning. These build those essential skills for life.

For more information on our wider Behavioural Work, please visit our Behavioural Support Service page.