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The Senior Drama Company say Goodbye!

It was with a heavy heart that we said farewell to our Senior Drama Company in September as they moved on to bigger things such as University, College and Sixth Form. Some of the members made it even harder for us to see them go when they emailed us their wonderful goodbye letters and with their permission we have copied them for everyone to read. Thank you guys and once again, it was a pleasure to teach you! Good luck and see you soon, from everyone at Youth Action Diversity Trust.

From Lauren:

"During my time at the YADT drama club, which has been an incredible 10 years, i have learnt many adaptable skills that have helped me throughout my life so far. For example, our use of improvisation has given me conversation skills that have aided my confidence meeting new people; particularly now as I have recently started university. It is such a welcoming atmosphere at the North Cray Neighborhood Centre and it has remained the same since I joined the group in 2007, so much so that it has felt like a second family for all these years. Overall, my experience at YADT has shaped me into the person that I am today and I give credit to the leaders that have me guidance throughout my time there. Lauren"

From Matthew:

"During my years at YADT I have experience a spectacular range of activities, games and people which have changed my life forever. Having this opportunity is not a common luxury for the youth of today, and the North Cray Community Centre provides these enjoyable, engaging activities at a very high standard. With all this it wouldn't be nothing without the friendly staff that are constanlty there waiting to greet you and collect your "squids2 :-). All i can say is thank you to Lauren and Emma for putting up with all my nonsense and joking around during our drama rehearsals and every show was a thrill to take part in. I shall now end with a quote from the one and only Archie Dobson (Matt played Archie in our BBC Adaptation of Archie Dobson's War) "I dont want you to go. I want you to stay here with us" and I chose this one because I'm sure all of us wanted to stay at YADT for many years to come, just like Archie didn't want his fanmily to leave I'm sure Emma and Lauren didn't want us to leave either. thanks for eight years of fun. 

Matthew aka Car Washer, Shopper, Archie, Judge, Scarecrow, Teenager, Cat from Alice, Christmas Boy, Somenbody Famous, Antonio and all round improviser"

From Sam:

"Hi, I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed drama and I've learnt a lot too over the past 7 years. I;m now taking these skills to do drama at college. It was your encouragement that got me hooked on drama. You and Emma have been very supportive during my time. Some plays were a struggle to do for all of us but we got through it together. Missing drama already. hope to see you soon.

Best wishes, Sam."

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