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Chalti Karate Club

We practice traditional Okinawa Go-Ju Ryu style of Karate which is NOT geared towards competition, the emphasis is on individual defence and personal development.

- Feridun Shakir, Karate Instructor -

The club are members of EGKA and IOGKF. There are annual courses held by the association up and down the country as well as the annual European Training Camp held each year in different European Countries, which members are welcome to attend.

All NEW members receive a booklet and FREE uniform.

Why not pop in and have a free sample lesson!


Thursdays at 6:30pm to 7:30pm


6+ Years


Annual Membership is £20 for Juniors. Training membership is £3.50 for Juniors and £4 for non members. Family discount is available.  In addition all members must have a valid licence from the EGKA, which at present is: £15 for Juniors under 7 years and £20 for Juniors over 7 years.

Contact Details

Contact Name: 

Feridun Shakir

Contact Number:

07958 257 491

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