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Youth Action Diversity Trust proudly introduces:
Ottis the Otter!!

Hello!! I'm Otis and I am the very proud mascot for the Youth Action Diversity Trust and their Play Ranger and Rookie Ranger Programmes! First, let me tell you a little about myself first with some interesting facts about us fabulous Otters!

  • There are 13 species of Otter found all around the world!
  • Some of us like to spend all our time in the water (we are very good swimmers!), while others split their time between the land and the water! 
  • We call our home (or den) a 'holt' or a 'couch'!
  • We are very playful and take part in activities just for the fun of it. Some of us have been spotted making waterslides to slide down into the water! Well, wouldn't you!?

So, where will you be seeing me? 

Well, the Rookie Ranger programme of activities is the first place. These activities are for all kiddies aged between 3 and 5 years. Together we will be running crazy in 'Monkey Mayhem' and building obstacles Courses and playing with the magical ball pit that floats coloured balls in the air!! I love the 'Playtime' session because I can do Puzzles, play with the musical instruments and get a bit messy! 'Interactive Storytime' is one of my favourites because I love to read and this session will get you off your feet and becoming part of the story. Pretty cool! Starting in April is the BRAND NEW 'Fun With Food' where you get to work with the adults to create something really yummy like scones, fruit kebabs, mini pizzas or cupcakes! 

If you're a little older, you'll find me in the Play Ranger programme of activities which is for 5 to 7 year olds. You can play my favourite game of Football in the 'Kick About' session, learning how to stay coordinated on your feet and passing the ball! If something a little messy is more your thing, then the 'Get Crafty' sessions are perfect, as you will make some wonderful pictures using paint and chalk or create works of art using clay or recyclable materials! There is also a NEW session called 'Run-Around Fun' where you can let off even more steam by playing the best playground games, obstacle courses, Olympic type games and team challenges!!

To find out more, you can speak to one of the friendly members of Youth Action DIversity Trust Team at my Head Office in Sidcup on 0208 308 3862, or via the contact page. All the information on these Programmes can be found from the 'youth work' page at the top!

Thank you for stopping by!